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    Chesnuts in syrop

    Simply delicious. Chestnuts in syrup butt Prada are handmade with the best Bierzo Chestnut, of the sweetest and most flavorful variety "Pared".
    A divine pleasure..

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    Youtj wines

    Pink Mencia and Godello white young godello 100% Mencia. It is always wine.

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    Bierzo wines with character

    Red wines of Mencia variety. Ecology and tradition go together when it is committed to respect for the land. Our wines are organic farming, thereby trying to safeguard our land and give our customers the best quality natural

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New Arrivals
Fruit Juice

Wines Organic Farming

And in the cellar ... let nature take its course, which gave us pamper the earth ... So we get some authentic wines, with the peculiarity of each vintage ...
And with spherical soul ...

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Ecological Agriculture

Respect for the environment, free of chemicals, herbicides, insecticides ... and the desire to provide a clean wine with aromas, colors and unique flavors of the grape, is what made us bet since our inception for Ecological Agriculture .

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Comprar vinos del Bierzo y Conservas Prada a Tope


Shipping from € 100 Peninsula and Balearic Islands.


Silence, wine sleeps

About us

About us

Prada was born in Cacabelos in 1945, a village of 5,000 inhabitants in the heart of Bierzo and the Camino de Santiago. With fifteen years he worked in the family business that gave his personal touch making your store a reference in the Northwest because there any shoes or clothing difficult to find in traditional shops were.

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Our restaurant offers different spaces, some reserved, some fresh interior in summer and mild scent of wood in winter.

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Canedo is today a dream which is felt with eyes, it hugs the palate and stays indelible in the memory .

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